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Pregnancy is such a special time for baby, mommy and the whole family. Belly painting is a great way to celebrate while you await the arrival of the newest family member. Give us a theme and we will create art to manifest your idea into a fun tummy masterpiece. From Halloween teddies, to ocean paradise and penguin families, we will work with whatever you have in mind. We will also shoot fun high definition photos for you as part of the package so this memory can live on in baby’s photo albums for years to come.

Belly painting can be done at a private session or be part of the fun at baby showers and other events where mommy would love to show off the decorated baby bump. We can create a special package where belly painting can be added to your special event where others may want to get face or body painting as well.

Traditionally thought of as a way to ward off the evil eye and other dangers from mommy and baby, mommies receiving henna tattoos on her hands and feet during pregnancy is a common practice in ancient Eastern traditions. In modern times, henna applied to the mommy’s tummy is becoming more common with all sorts of beautiful and creative designs.

Pregnant belly henna can be done at a private session or included in any of our packages for baby showers or other events where mommy would love to show off her newly henna’d tummy. Henna tattoos are a great way for mommy to be pampered amidst the gentle aroma of the essential oils used the henna paste. For pregnant mommies, we use henna paste containing only lavender and jasmine essential oils. We never use black henna or any other chemicals in our all-natural henna paste.

Contact us for a free phone consultation and we would love to give you the details about booking us for a pregnant tummy henna session.

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Denise, thank you so much for coming to my baby shower and making my belly the center of attention. LOL. Everyone loved

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