Scary Princess Faces at Annie Reynold’s Class

I have painted endless variations of princess faces at thousands of parties over the years. The cutest little girls approach me wearing their princess gowns and tutus and ask to be painted like their princess characters. There are countless ways to approach the princess designs. In fact, you can turn anything into a princess by adding swirls, twirls, teardrops, diamonds, lipstick and fairy dust. There are butterfly princess face paintings,
tiger princess face paintings, Mardi Gras mask princess face paintings and the list goes on and on.

Last week I attended a class with the fabulous world renowned face and body painter, Annie Reynolds. One of the assignments that Annie gave the group was to create a rather ghoulish princess face painting. Of course Annie did not let any of us students know that we would be creating scary faces until after we laid down our dainty and colorful base coats of face paint. But as she demonstrated on Lily Walters (another fabulous teacher), we all got into the groove and was excited to see what we could all come up with.

I had the pleasure of painting Lizadoodle into something unexpected and a little sinister. I am looking forward to Annie’s class again next year!


Scary Princess face I painted using techniques taught by Annie Reynolds.

Scary Princess face I painted using techniques taught by Annie Reynolds.

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