Pregnant Belly Painting – The Best and Most Memorable Way to Capture the Moments Forever

Arguably one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life is when they are expecting their new bundle of joy. The kicks and movements in the belly, and the mystery surrounding the growing fetus is something that cannot be compared to any other experience in the world. It is always a wonderful moment and nothing looks as beautiful and a pregnant belly. Add to that gestational belly art i.e. pregnant belly painting and you will be able to capture the moments and experiences in the most memorable and fun ways you could ever imagine.



Pregnant belly painting provides an opportunity to be as creative as possible and one can always get ideas on what to have painted on the belly from the internet. Most painters however, will often come with great suggestions on how to go about the belly painting. All you need to do is to relax for an hour or so and have the belly painted to an image of your choice, and you can take photos and keep the memories alive forever.


What most expectant mothers are doing today is organizing for a pregnant belly painting bender kind-of. They come together in one of the houses, invite a professional painter and have them work on their bellies as they relax and chat about the milestones they are taking. The art could be anything from a matching baby nursery, daddy’s favorite sports team, your fairytale celebrity, or simply anything that you love. A quick search on your favorite search engine will give you thousands of body art ideas for a pregnant belly to choose from.


Most professional painters would recommend having the belly painted between 6 and 8 months as it is when the protrusion is at its peak. During these months, the belly is always in a plateau kind of phase; hence the painted images will not be distorted with the growing fetus. The other alternative would be to have a progressive belly paint i.e. have the belly painted at every stage of growth i.e. during the first, second and third trimesters.


Some people prefer progressive belly painting because they are able to accentuate their innermost feelings and express them in a subtle and very creative way. If you are wondering about the safety of your little bundle of joy, worry no more because the body art is often done with natural body paints that are FDA approved. They do not sip in through the skin and are safe for use.

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  • Todd October 6, 2014

    Oh boy,I LOVE all the pretty pregnant bellies on this blog!!! However,I do have a favorite and that would be the mom-to-be who’s sporting the bellybutton jewelry!!!!!

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