Henna Tattoos are the Safest and Most Affordable Alternative to Permanent Tattoos

If you are looking for a fun, safe, and inexpensive alternative to permanent tattoos, look no further beyond Henna tattoos. And with the many henna tattoo designs readily available on the internet and offline, no doubt you will come up with unique designs that are fun, safe, and inexpensive.


Employers today are becoming strict with permanent tattoo policies. This justifies the high rate of permanent tattoo removal experienced in the recent past. This does not, however, mean that you can stay without a tattoo just because it is “illegal” in your company to do so. With Henna Tattoos, you can experiment with as many designs as possible and come up with unique, beautiful tattoos that will send your friends burning with envy.


Just like hair color, the henna tattoo paste is often applied over a stencil on the part of your body where you wish to have the tattoo. This is after the skin is treated with special oil to ensure the tattoos are elaborate. Once the mixture dries up, it is left on the skin for around 2 hours before the stencil is removed. It leaves behind a design that will continue to darken and form as the color changes with time in the next several hours, and you will have a very beautiful design with color ranging from rust/orangey to deep brown and a final color that will accentuate the design perfectly.


The other reason why more and more people are going for henna tattoos is because they are safe for many people. As the name may suggest, the agent responsible for dying the skin is extracted from the henna plant lawsonia Inermis. This is the plant that is dried and then finely ground to create a fine powder that makes the henna paste. Once applied to the skin it turns the skin into natural hues of the run-brown color family.


Unlike other harmful chemicals, you can rest assured that Henna is FDA-approved for topical application as skin dye or temporary hair color. Even so, it is highly recommended that you ensure you are not allergic to the powder before applying it to your desired body part. Just apply a tiny bit of the paste to an invisible part of your body and let it relax for a while to see whether your skin will react.


Above all else, henna tattoo designs are popular because they are temporary. Feel like you can easily get bored with a single tattoo design for the rest of your life with a permanent tattoo? Worry not because these tattoos fade with time mostly 3-4 weeks, meaning you can be able to easily change the design to suit the occasion or your mood. If you feel you love your design so much and don’t want it to fade off, you can always reapply the paste up to 4 times on the same area and you will end up with a deep, rich color tone that will last a bit longer than a singular henna tattoo application.

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