Henna Keepsakes

There are many ways to bring a traditional practice into modern times and pregnant belly henna is one of them. In many Eastern cultures women received henna while pregnant in order to ward off the evil eye and bring good luck to the baby and themselves. In modern times, an expectant mother may have henna done on her belly for aroma therapy, relaxation or just for fun. I even have clients who get belly henna for their baby shower so they can show off their baby bumps with style.

One of the best things about pregnant belly henna is the photo shoot which provides pictures that the mommy can keep to remember the moments where she and baby were most bonded. I am a mother and I totally wish that I had henna art done when I was pregnant. Although I can’t turn back the hands of time and have henna done myself, I can certainly make another woman’s pregnancy even more special with an original design and beautiful pictures for her to cherish.

I recently had a henna session with Chantelle, a beautiful working actress in her last few days of pregnancy. She was a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. She requested to take a few pics with her father-in-law and I thought that would make an awesome keepsake for baby in years to come. While we were shooting, his dog was so peeved about not being the center of attention that she fussed and barked the whole time. When doggie reached the height of jealousy and refused to be ignored, she lept into Chantelle’s lap and did a few poses for me. The henna wasn’t ruined and we got one quite unexpected but hilarious keepsake. LOL!

Pregnant Belly Henna Tattoos in Los Angeles.

Pregnant Belly Henna Tattoos in Los Angeles.

Chantelle's Baby Bump

Pregnant belly henna tattoos in Los Angeles

Chantelle and baby's granddad.

Chantelle poses for her pics with father-in-law while pooch becomes inpatient with not being the center of attention.

Chantelle's henna baby bump.

Pooch demands to be the center of attention while Chantelle shows off the henna tattoos.

Chantelle's henna baby bump.

Pooch becomes the center of attention! LOL!

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  • Paulette July 1, 2013

    Hi Denise,

    I love the pics of this lady’s henna. Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower and making my belly the center of attention. LOL. Everyone loved my belly henna and more than 10 people posed for pics with me and my belly art. Thanks again. My tummy was a hit!


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