Face Painting Basics You Should Know

Face painting in carnivals and themed parties is rising in popularity today more than ever before. In order to be in the know and to know what to expect from a face painting expert, you should always be armed with face painting basics. If not for anything else, you can at least be able to throw in your ideas and ensure you have a fun-filled, themed party with great face painting ideas.


For starters, you should know about the major accessories required. You need different paints and a set of brushes for applying the paint. A series of top quality brushes, especially those with nylon tips are highly recommended as they are soft and tender on a kid’s face and they often create an attractive smooth texture.


For best results, you should have varying sizes of brushes with flat, fine, medium as well as large tips so as to create different designs, and allow you to be as creative as you wish.  You can find professional grade face painting brushes at specialist craft shops or even on the internet. As a matter of fact, more and more people are buying these brushes online because of the convenience of purchase, and of course the many resources available regarding face painting.


Another thing you should know is that “good grip” face painting brushes are the best when it comes to this creative art in themed functions. This is the only way you will be sure they will not slip off your hand and spill paint all over. In addition to brushes, you will also need natural sea sponges or the readily available make-up sponges in your face painting kit. These sponges are ideal for applying paint to large parts of the skin.


The next important thing to look at is the actual paints that will be used. The need to use superior quality, non-toxic paints on the face can never be overemphasized enough. As a matter of fact, it is important to go for tested professional quality face paints. It is best to have a varied selection of these paints, and specifically those with a glitter base if you are planning a kid’s themed party.


A combination of bright and dull colors will work perfectly to create different skins and varying color tones on people’s faces. You can never go wrong with the rainbow spectrum. Additionally, you should ensure there are browns and greens in your face painting color collections as they will help create beautiful natural scenes.


Of course you will also need a flat surface, like a desk or table, plus two chairs, one for the face painter and the other for the one being painted. You also need to have a container where the colors will be blended, and you can make do with an old plate. And last but not least, you will need a bowl or jug of water for rinsing out the brushes. You also need to have a supply of washcloths and paper towels so as to wipe off excess paint.


These are all you need to begin face painting. If you plan on hiring a face painter, having this information at hand will help ensure you get the best possible service and are not overcharged since you will know what to expect of the service provider. Besides, you can supply some of the basic necessities and cut down on cost even further.

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