Face Painting at the Caribbean Culture Fest in Los Angeles

June 22, 2013 marked the second annual Caribbean Carnival in Los Angeles, California. People from many Caribbean Islands and countries of the Americas dressed up in very festive costumes and body decor. The trucks carrying the humongous speakers were all gassed up and ready to go, leading the soca parade down Hollywood Blvd. What a site to see! Before the parade began, I had the opportunity to paint many
children and adults in fierce and fabulous designs. After all, a carnival is not a carnival without faces to match the attire.

I enjoyed myself although the heat was on & my feet burned from too much soca jammin’ during the 2.5 mile fete. I’m looking forward to next year’s new costumes, new music and new face painting designs.



  • Laurie June 27, 2013

    Hope to see you all next year… I didn’t make it in time for the Trinifeters’ session with you all…. can we do some body air brushing next time? That would be WAY cool…

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    • Denise Williams June 27, 2013

      Hi Laurie,
      just let us know the colors ahead of time and we will definitely do airbrush tatts for you.

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  • Lisa Gomes June 27, 2013

    Great Job

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