Face painter’s jam in Lakewood

Last night I attended a face painter’s jam in Lakewood. Face painters, henna artists, airbrush and glitter tattoo artists descended upon the party room at Fuddrucker’s. Chano, a fellow party entertainer was there showing off his impressive balloon twisting skills.

Watching him twist marvelous sculptures out of mere balloons made me feel as if I was watching my old professor teacher create mystical things out of basic elements. I loved watching him so much that I tried to twist a few things myself. But alas, my twisting skills are so basic that it was embarrassing working so close to him. I vowed to go home and practice and he vowed to teach me if I showed up to balloon twisting jams.

While my balloon twisting skills are far from blog-worthy, Chano’s is deserving of praise. Take a look at some of the things I watched him twist last night and feel free to contact him for your fabulous parties and events. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging my new balloon besty, Chano the Great!  (714) 541 – 5663 www.FantasyBalloonArt.net

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