Body Art Is the In-thing in Theme Parties Today

Whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday party, anniversary a Halloween haunted party, or a backyard luau or simply have a get together for friends and family, no doubt some body art on the guests will make the party memorable. If not for anything else, it sets the mood right on point in line with the theme party, thus making the party goers engaged and in the spirit.


The best thing about body art, most of which is done with the use of henna, thus the body art is temporary, is the fact that it is ideal for all ages. With the thousands of body art ideas readily available on the internet, you can rest assured the designs will be appealing to all and sundry. There are so many different styles and types to choose from meaning you will always find something unique and new.


Henna is a safe and FDA-approved way of creating beautiful body arts depending on the theme of the party. The designs can last up to several weeks depending on the intensity of application and the skill and expertise of the artist doing the work: hence the need to work with someone experienced in body art.


Kids for instance love face painting and the temporary transfer tattoos. Not only are they simple but also take very little time to apply. They give kids an opportunity to design their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, and thousands of other body art designs available in published media and on the internet.


Adults and young adults on the other hand love temporary tattoos for self expression or when going to an event or party. Temporary tattoo is always a great way to decorate the body with a distinctive design without the huge expense, pain, and permanence that comes with a real tattoo. Not to mention the high risks of getting skin cancer by exposing the skin to harmful chemicals used in permanent tattoos.


Because the body art is temporary and safe, it also provides you an opportunity to try out different designs and styles, thus you are able to stretch your creativity muscles in countless ways.  The styles of body art have grown in bits and bounds over the years, dating back to many centuries ago when henna was the oldest form of body art known to man. Most Eastern cultures have used hennas as a form of beautifying the body, and have started to grow in huge popularity to the rest of the world especially in the wake of skin cancer risks associated with the use of permanent ink tattoos.


Body art can last up to 4 weeks depending on the number of times the henna was applied. One of the most popular applications and addition to the body art world is the airbrush tattoos which have been around since the late 90s. There are also glitter tattoos which are the newest form and use waterproof and hypoallergenic body glue and glitter to create very attractive semi-permanent body art.

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