• Pregnant Belly Painting – The Best and Most Memorable Way to Capture the Moments Forever

    Arguably one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life is when they are expecting their new bundle of joy. The kicks and movements in the belly, and the mystery surrounding the growing fetus is something that cannot be compared to any other experience in the world. It is always a wonderful moment and Read More

  • Body Art Is the In-thing in Theme Parties Today

    Whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday party, anniversary a Halloween haunted party, or a backyard luau or simply have a get together for friends and family, no doubt some body art on the guests will make the party memorable. If not for anything else, it sets the mood right on point in line with Read More

  • Henna Tattoos are the Safest and Most Affordable Alternative to Permanent Tattoos

    If you are looking for a fun, safe, and inexpensive alternative to permanent tattoos, look no further beyond Henna tattoos. And with the many henna tattoo designs readily available on the internet and offline, no doubt you will come up with unique designs that are fun, safe, and inexpensive.   Employers today are becoming strict Read More

  • Face Painting Basics You Should Know

    Face painting in carnivals and themed parties is rising in popularity today more than ever before. In order to be in the know and to know what to expect from a face painting expert, you should always be armed with face painting basics. If not for anything else, you can at least be able to Read More

  • How To Choose a Top Rated Face Painter For A Kid’s Birthday Party?

    Face painting is one of the most popular kid’s activities today in birthday parties and carnivals… and for a very good reason – it lightens up the mood in a kid’s birthday party, creating a carnival and celebratory mood for all people present… including adults. It is no wonder inviting a face painter in a Read More

  • Face painter’s jam in Lakewood

    Last night I attended a face painter’s jam in Lakewood. Face painters, henna artists, airbrush and glitter tattoo artists descended upon the party room at Fuddrucker’s. Chano, a fellow party entertainer was there showing off his impressive balloon twisting skills. Watching him twist marvelous sculptures out of mere balloons made me feel as if I Read More

  • July 4th Face Painting in Los Angeles

    So many ways the celebrate the 4th of July. From the barbecues, to the beach outings to the fireworks on the Pier everyone has a different way of celebrating the birth of America. Every Independence Day the artists at Creative Faces paint, henna, airbrush and bling the hours away with whatever our friends in Marina Read More

  • Face Painting at the Caribbean Culture Fest in Los Angeles

    June 22, 2013 marked the second annual Caribbean Carnival in Los Angeles, California. People from many Caribbean Islands and countries of the Americas dressed up in very festive costumes and body decor. The trucks carrying the humongous speakers were all gassed up and ready to go, leading the soca parade down Hollywood Blvd. What a Read More

  • Henna Keepsakes

    There are many ways to bring a traditional practice into modern times and pregnant belly henna is one of them. In many Eastern cultures women received henna while pregnant in order to ward off the evil eye and bring good luck to the baby and themselves. In modern times, an expectant mother may have henna Read More

  • Scary Princess Faces at Annie Reynold’s Class

    I have painted endless variations of princess faces at thousands of parties over the years. The cutest little girls approach me wearing their princess gowns and tutus and ask to be painted like their princess characters. There are countless ways to approach the princess designs. In fact, you can turn anything into a princess by Read More